Adapt creates the opportunity to give your own touch to streetwear. Express yourself through your clothes, let it Adapt to the way you feel.

Life is easier when you are comfortable. It allows you to enjoy the present and just be, you. The stronger, more energetic and powerful you. It helps you to engage with your surroundings. People intend to focus on the outside. First impression is what sticks.
So go out and express. Create. Adapt.


Adapt allows you to easily dress to the occasion.
Click on, click off.

You can either stay low key by dressing minimalistic or do the total opposite and stand out from the crowd by choosing different colors, unique patterns and exciting textures.
“Adapt is about change. It’s the only thing that will remain constant.”


The products we offer are designed with the aim to add as much value as we can.
We work with fine materials which we select with great care and process by hand. Handmade pieces are known for their uniqueness and for their special treatment. Sewers take care of the minutest of details inside the garments. This extensive process results in a well designed, durable and honest product.

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