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Adapt [uh-dapt]. To make suitable to requirements or conditions; adjust
or modify fittingly.
“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent.
It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” And that captures the essence of our brand just like that.


The world as we know it today is focused on globalization, digitization, and innovation. This repeats in so many ways that a transformation to fashion could no longer wait.

The brand is inspired by change. It’s based on a combination of trends and fresh ideas. Adapt allows you to adjust to your surroundings, character, mood and occasion. This together makes Adapt very accessible.

There are different types walking around in the world of fashion. The low keys, the unique show offs and the ones that don’t want to miss out on the latest fast moving trends. With Adapt you can effortlessly be any type.

The concept is simple, yet offers so much variety. You are in charge.

Easy to customize

Don’t mix, don’t match, but Adapt your product to your personal style in seconds. Click on, Click off.

Smart design

We take pride in the designs we have created. Not only do we offer a range of products that take fashion to a refreshing level. They fit the needs of today’s society.

Quality over Quantity

We work with fine fabrics and passionate sewers to offer you a well designed, durable and honest product. All materials used are hand selected and processed with the greatest care. We love unity but love to be unique at the same time. For that reason we only produce a limited number of pieces per design.

How it is made

As technology advances, we believe that when it comes to resale value, it is unlikely something created digitally will surpass the price of a handmade item — mostly because of society’s nostalgia for craftsmanship of the past. “People will always want old school pieces of manufacturing, the kind that need that touch and element of construction”.

It is this physical touch and the emotional relationship we have with our clothes, that we believe makes handmade fashion continue to hold more value over the machine made. Handwork equals peopleswork, patience, tweaking and altering until fully happy with a smart design.

The products we offer are designed with the aim to add as much value as we can. Throughout the entire process we work intensively with local craftsman to bring functionality, innovation and couture together. We select the materials with great care and our products are manufactured by hand. Every single piece.

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